5 Proactive Steps to Take if You Live in a Flood Zone

Homeowners in Arizona experience between 40 and 100 flood events annually. Arizona homeowners typically experience floods as a result of heavy rains, storms, and monsoon storms, as well as water overflowing river banks. Damage and loss from floods is not something typically covered with standard homeowner’s insurance, so flood insurance coverage from an agency such as Homeowners Insurance Group serving Scottsdale, AZ is highly recommended.

If you do live in a flood zone, here are five steps you should take:

1. Buy Flood Insurance

Your mortgage company may only require you to have flood insurance if you’re at high risk. But it pays to protect your property from flood damage with this extra little insurance. With unusual weather events occurring more frequently, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re covered.

2. Elevate Expensive Equipment

Consider the possibility of flooding when you design the placement of items inside your home. Keep pricier items, like electronics, jewelry, and similar items up high where they’re more likely to escape flood damage.

3. Anchor Fuel Tanks

If you have outside, above-ground fuel tanks, be sure they’re secured in a way that will help keep them from being knocked off their bases and carried away in rushing waters.

4. Make a Flood Emergency Kit

Assemble an emergency kit with essential supplies like non-perishable food, water, medications, and first-aid items. Include important documents like insurance policies and identification.

5. Use Waterproofing Sealants

Waterproofing sealants are easy-to-use, and can simply be painted on over your regular finishes. Apply it to interior and exterior walls that are below ground or low to the ground.

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