Documents that you should always carry in your vehicle

Most of us take the fact that we can drive for granted. We need to have a vehicle to get around, to get to work and all the other activities that make up our lives. At Homeowners Insurance Group in Scottsdale, AZ we are independent insurance agents who can offer our customers the most choices and pricing. We know we work for our customers, and we will do the hard work of comparing carriers for you. 

Documents that you should always carry in your vehicle

Driver’s license

Since many people use their driver’s license as a form of ID, it is usually on their person at all times. This means that when you are in your vehicle your license will be there with you. This is essential to keep you from getting a ticket and a potential fine if you are pulled over by the police and asked to produce it. 

Insurance card

When your auto insurance renews, you will be sent a copy of your policy along with your insurance cards. If you don’t get paper copies but have opted for digital, your insurance cards will be available to print on the insurance website. This should then be placed in your glove box or another safe place in your vehicle. A document holder that attaches to your visor is also a good storage place. 


Your vehicle must be registered in the state of Arizona if you are a resident. The first registration is done at the DMV and when it is time to renew it can be done online. You need to print out the paid registration form and keep it in your vehicle. Placing it with your insurance card makes it easy to produce if the need arises. 

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